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What experts say

Venus O'Hara
Caitlin V
Chelsea Nichole
Chelsea Nichole

I had never used a vibrator before, but this thing is amazing!!!! It is really easy to control, really easy to charge and it feels great when holding it. What I like most about is the bendable feature. It just makes the experience so much more fun.

Jess, Manchester

What a wonderful company. Not only are their products great, their customer service goes above and beyond.

Wendy, London

Amazing, forward-thinking tech that puts pleasure and communication first. Really impressed to see how technology can improve rather than replace intimacy. Just so much fun to use.

Henry, Boston

I was reading the reviews and I didn't believe it when people were saying stuff like, "Omg this fixed my sex life". So I got it and it definitely did rekindle our sex life after being married for over 30 years!

Destine, USA

A sextoy like no other. This is not a nasty cheap bring pink pseudo willy - its a piece of art that can deliver a great deal of fun and pleasure.

Ben, Berlin

Beautifully designed, its the Rolls Royce of vibrators.

Henry, Amsterdam

Packaging to die for and vibrations to send you heaven and back. Fun for both Mr and Mrs (and more!). Love it!

Oleg, Vienna

It's thin, which makes it not as invasive as some wider toys, and the length is perfect for my clients who want to work on deep vaginal healing and need something to target all areas. This is something I'd recommend to them for that especially.

Gerry, London

Your Sexual Health Matters

Overall Sexual Wellness

There are numerous health benefits of regular orgasms including better sleep, lower stress, reduced heart diseases, less headaches & improved skin. Using Crescendo 2 can help make orgasms a highly enjoyable part of your regular schedule.


Pelvic health problems including urinary & bowel incontinence are common for many women. Regular use of a directional vibrator like Crescendo 2 can help strengthen this area, improve function, and make sex easier and more comfortable, especially for postpartum women with weakened pelvic floor contraction.

Pain Disorder

Vibratory stimulation is a commonly recommended treatment for vulvodynia, dyspareunia and other vulval pain conditions.


For women experiencing trouble with arousal or orgasm, using Crescendo 2 on the genitals can help improve vaginal lubrication, genital sensation and sexually related stress.

Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is common in women, especially for those over the age of 40. Crecendo can be used both vaginally and on the perenium to strengthen the pelvic floor muscle and reduce urine leakage.

Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation affects a third of the male population worldwide. Regular use of Crescendo 2 through start-stop exercises can reduce premature ejaculation symptoms.

Erectile Dysfunction

Vibration stimulation to the penis and pelvic floor is a proven solution for erectile dysfunction, especially for men with spinal cord injuries. Use Tenuto both before and during intercourse for stronger, longer-lasting erections.

Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation affects a third of the male population worldwide. Regular use of Tenuto through start-stop exercises can reduce premature ejaculation symptoms.

Delayed or Inhibited Ejaculation

Vibratory stimulation of the penis is a commonly used solution to produce ejaculation in men with and without spinal cord injury and in men with multiple sclerosis who experience delayed or inhibited ejaculation symptoms.

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

Men who regularly use vibration devices have higher sexual desire scores than those who never use vibration devices.

Alternative to Oral Treatment

Sildenafil and other oral erectile dysfunction treatments are contraindicated in approximately 30% of men with erectile dysfunction. Additionally side effects can occur in more than 15% of men taking oral erectile treatments. Tenuto is a safe, non-medicinal alternative for erectile dysfunction treatment.

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100% showerproof for fun in the shower or bath. Completely sealed for double ended play.

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Live Control

Find your frequency and intensity with pre-programed patterns or customize your experience through the app.


Wirelessly charge Crescendo 2 in 60 minutes to be ready for hours of playtime.


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