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The Wearable Vibrator For Men

378 reviews

Make hard feel easy. Stimulate multiple areas, increase blood flow and heighten sensations

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“The Best Sex Toy for Couples, According to Sex Therapists and Relationship Experts”

“MysteryVibe is taking back the porn industry and moving sextech from boardrooms to bedrooms”

“When worn intercourse, the vibrations connect with your partner, improving their experience”

“The wearable vibrators from Mysteryvibe are the coolest gadget at IFA this year”

“The best new sex toy tech to last longer in bed”

“Tenuto is the cyborg dong attachment you’ve been waiting for.”

“MysteryVibe's new Tenuto wearable is like a much-needed evolution of the cock ring.”

“The All-Time Best Sex Toy, According to Customer Reviews. The Tenuto vibrator is all about adding sensations for all parties involved.”

“This toy is just WOW—for your dude and you.”

“MysteryVibe’s Tenuto device is no ordinary sex toy. It’s effectively a highly pleasurable coat of arms for your penis, stretching around your genitalia to make your manhood part machine.”

“This thing feels good and I mean goooooood.”


Han-Solo or Buzzin Stud? We have all your pleasure positions covered in our PLAYbook. Become a play connoisseur using our guide of intimate positions and techniques. Experience the best from your Tenuto with limitless possibilities for pleasure.

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Loved around the world in 50+ countries

Tenuto, the Wearable Vibrator for Men, is the ultimate satisfier for couples and solo pleasure. Send us your feedback.

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Gadget Lover
  • Happy wife thanks to the tenuto product. Normally I don't write these things but the tenuto device really gave me and my marriage a new boost of life . Thank you !

    Female 1


    Beckett, USA

  • Absolutley Awesome! The vibes are very erotic, and I’m absolutely astonished, HOW LONG the accu lasts! Yesterday I edged 9 without any need to charge it. It’s just marvelous, I never had a vibe device with a such long lasting accu. Now tenuto is one of my very top favourites!

    Male 1


    Nic, USA

  • Tenuto is… HEAVEN... Thank You Very Much! The sensation of the vibrations and their strength are incredible! Experimenting with creating my own vibes as well is a lot of fun and the app has been easy to use – thank you!

    Male 1


    Kris, Norway

  • I am thrilled with the way it garners my attention. I enjoy moving from one preset choice to another and I like being able to touch the app on one of the vibrating circles to spike some local and unexpected attention

    Male 2


    Andy, USA

  • Thank you for such an amazing product. I’m super happy with the Tenuto and it is quite pleasurable. I was intrigued about creating a unique vibe for myself and love discovering new vibration patterns using the app! Would love it if we could share these with others in future.

    Male 4


    Hart, UK

  • I really like Tenuto! I am thrilled with the way it garners my attention. I enjoy moving from one preset choice to another and I like being able to touch the app on one of the vibrating circles to spike some local and unexpected attention.

    Male 4


    Jamey, USA

  • Simply the best tool to rebuild love. High-quality product that delivers on its promises!

    Male 2


    Armado, New York

  • I've been using this wonderful toy with my gf and it's awesome. It's the best toy we've ever had. The vibrations are super and the build quality is great. Really top notch! I recommend to anyone and all couples.

    Male 3


    Forester, Los Angeles

  • Tenuto draws my partners attention into the entire genital area as a whole - where most cock rings tend to make him focus exactly on the shaft. He said it was an amazing difference, and he can't believe the difference it makes.

    Female 1


    Kinkly, USA

  • This thing feels good and I mean goooooood. It was as if my entire groin area was ensconced in a shell of tingling warmth. Not only was my orgasm better, but the effect lingered long afterwards. My groin and taint bathed in the remnants of climax, the tingles receding in steady waves as they trickled down to my toes.

    Male 4


    Man of Many, USA

  • It is working and I must say, it is working really well. I had a hysterectomy about 5 years ago and my doctor suggested it for blood circulation. It is perfect!

    Male 2


    John, Kansas

  • Tenuto cured my age related delayed ejaculation. I purchased the Tenuto to help with a loss of sensation issue that is related to aging and being circumcised (delayed ejaculation). My urologist advised me to get a vibrator for the perineum to enhance sensation. The Tenuto has successfully enabled me to consistently climax once again.

    Male 4


    Ed, USA

  • My first impression of Tenuto is very positive. I've never used such a device before; I purchased Tenuto to see if it would help improve some minor men’s health concerns that I have and I think that I got way more than I expected. Domo arigato, Mr. Tenuto! And thanks to MysteryVibe for creating such a revolutionary product!

    Male 1


    Thomas, USA

  • Thank you all for this revolutionary male toy! It is incredible. It really has helped in more ways than you can imagine - it's like I had a new penis replaced. You turned a 47 year old back into a 17 year old kid with testosterone flowing through his veins again.

    Male 4


    Frank, USA


Tenuto’s unique design stretches and adapts around the penis and perineum for increased blood flow, extended erection and prolonged pleasure.


6 strong, anatomically positioned motors. Tenuto's vibrations travel through the penis to give you and your partner earth shattering orgasms.


Take charge or let your partner control your pleasure through the MysteryVibe App. Explore pre set vibrations or create your own with just a few taps!


Embark on a sexual journey of new sensations. Control your erection and supercharge your pleasure and performance.

Waterproof icon


Water resistant for fun in the shower, unbridled lube play and effortless cleaning.

App icon


Preset patterns get you started and you can create vibrations and intensity patterns through the app.

Charge icon


USB charging so Tenuto is set for hours of playtime. Recharge, ready to go.


Whether playing solo or with a partner, open up new possibilities for pleasure with Tenuto. Don’t wait to make your fantasies a reality.

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Nobody's business but yours. We take privacy very seriously with discreet packaging and premium couriers.

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Quality is King. All our products are meticulously made with love and include authentic manufacturer’s warranty.

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How big is Tenuto Tenuto is the most advanced male vibrator in the world. It is packed with the very best innovation to the brim to take you and your partner to the ultimate heights of pleasure. USB charging, long battery runtime from a quick full charge, smart app control, 100% waterproof and much more. Tenuto comes feature-rich, straight out of the box, all inclusive!

The inside dimensions of Tenuto before stretching are 1.5 inches x 1.5 inches. Once it is stretched, it is around 2 inches x 2 inches.


Tenuto comes beautifully packaged and includes a user guide and USB charging cable. What is in the box Tenuto


Make sure Tenuto is turned on before putting it on. Before wearing Tenuto, generously apply water-based lubricant on Tenuto, your penis, or both. Stretch and open Tenuto's 'wings' and slide it on. Sit your testicles above Tenuto or place through the opening below, one at a time. You can connect to the app if you want to control Tenuto while wearing it. Once Tenuto is on, enjoy a firm grip and play stronger for longer. How do I wear Tenuto


Tenuto is designed to be worn comfortably during intercourse. Tenuto's front three motors is not only designed to stimulate the penis but also deliver powerful vibrations to the partner's labia and clitoris. Tenuto During Sex and Intercourse


You can use Tenuto in a number of different ways: as a cock ring, as a masturbator, as a nipple stimulator and many others. You will find lots of ideas on our Play page. Tenuto different ways to use


To charge Tenuto, plug in the micro USB wire into the port at the back of Tenuto. You can connect the USB wire to any USB plug or computer for power. The light on the underside of Tenuto will blink to indicate charging. When charging is complete this light will go off. How do I charge Tenuto


You can control Tenuto without connecting to the app using the buttons. Use the arrow buttons to cycle through the vibes, and use the + and - buttons to change the intensity. To turn Tenuto ON / OFF press and hold the right arrow button for 2 seconds. To connect to the app, open the app and when it prompts you to connect with Tenuto, press and hold the left arrow button for 2 seconds. Tenuto what the buttons do

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