Masturbation is Medicine

Masturbation is one of our last taboos in women's health. And we need to start talking about it.

Every year, an estimated 25 million women experience the menopausal transition, which often brings with it symptoms like vaginal dryness, decreased sensation and libido, pelvic floor issues and bladder control problems.

Historically, these issues have gone ignored and unaddressed, with 70% of women unable to find the help they need or not receiving treatment. Post-menopausal women have been expected to hide any discomfort and deprioritize their sexual selves for far too long.

This has to stop.

After developing the first FSA/HSA eligible vibrator, we launched a large campaign breaking all the taboos in American OOH media. This campaign showcases the Crescendo device and amplifies the message that Orgasm now comes with a medical prescription.

Being a clinically proven, FDA-registered device, leading doctors across US, UK and Europe prescribe Crescendo to their patients struggling with sexual health issues like dryness and pain.

How masturbation can help post-menopause

  • Masturbation has demonstrated scientific benefit for post-menopausal women. The orgasm is a powerful tool.
  • Masturbation boosts natural lubrication to alleviate dryness.
  • Orgasms can reduce pain, stress and anxiety with the release of mood boosting happy hormones.

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